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Austria ’s status in the heart of Europe provides the basis for its long tradition in trade.

Its geographic location at the crossroads of important trade routes running east and west, north and south, make VA Intertrading Corporation, founded in 1978 under the name Voest-Alpine Intertrading GmbH, an outstanding international trading firm and Austria’s leading trading house. Know-how and creativity make VA Intertrading an ideal partner for producers and consumers all over the world.

Our partners value the experience gained from our trading activities, in addition to the company’s reliability, sound standing and worldwide presence.

In addition to our trading activities VA Intertrading provides services in transport and logistics, counter trade and trade finance.

A successful trader needs to be a pioneer; new activities have to be developed and new markets to be opened.

A diversified range of commodities enables us to be largely independent of economic cycles. We utilize the synergy between our product fields to the benefit of our customers.

Even though technical communication is very efficient today, nothing can substitute the direct communication between people, particularly in trading. VA Intertrading has a compact network of subsidiaries all over the world to provide excellent accessibility to producers, customers and markets.

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