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Project & Distribution.

A successful rebranding to DEUTZ-FAHR in agricultural equipment distribution.
Transformers distribution: focus on core markets.
Copper prices at 4-year-high.
Electricity distribution is based on green electricity.

Sales under the DEUTZ-FAHR brand have been successfully refined through our strong position in the Romanian market. The tractor segment with 100 hp can be greatly expanded. The tractor series 9 with more than 300 hp, which was newly introduced about a year ago is praised by customers and pleases with growing sales figures. Not only because of the engines and transmissions from Germany, but also because of their high processing quality and customer-friendly operating comfort, the large tractors from DEUTZ-FAHR with established distribution through NHR AGROPARTNERS, have become an important player in the Romanian market.

The substantial increase in sales of combine harvesters is also pleasing. This reconfirms the manufacturer‘s previous success story in its home market in Germany, in Romania by meeting the highest quality requirements of its customers.

Many top brands are sold exclusively by us with the help of our over 200 employees in 12 branches. These include JCB, PÖTTINGER, HARDI, BOGBALLE and many other well-known producers.

In 2017 the sale of DEUTZ-FAHR machines in Ukraine started actively. Synergies at the manufacturer as well as in the structure as a large distributor for agricultural machinery, are used. The political environment offers economi-cally difficult conditions accompanied by the decline of the Hryvnia by over 18% against the Euro since the beginning of the year. The Ukrainian market has been defined by the top brands over dumping prices for many years so establishing a service presence in the competitive market poses a particular challenge. With branches in Kiev, Poltava, Vinnytsa and Kirovograd, we offer an above-average service quality in the Ukrainian central region. The establishment of a sales company with meanwhile 30 specialists should ensure a solid market cultivation.

Our joint venture with ZAPOROZH-TRANSFORMATOR, ZTR-ENESTA, meets all orders in the Middle East according to plan. Owners questions currently restrict the market horizon and allow only a very concentrated market cultivation. With stable basic capacity utilization at the plant the operating balance is positive so that an important prerequisite for successful tender investments is guaranteed by ZTR-ENESTA.

The cooperation with the Bulgarian copper mine ASSAREL-MEDET concentrates on the marketing of SX-EW copper quantities. This function is accompanied by consulting services for the mine. A sharp rise in copper prices to over $ 7,000 / MT on the London Metal Exchange, which is the highest price in four years, provides a good investment climate for the mine.

The copper manufacturer was engaged in a generation change during the fiscal year. The collaboration aims at the mine‘s new investment program, which VAIT will accompany as a strategic partner.

In the sales of electricity and gas the joint venture with the Salzburg AG, TERAWATT, was able to rely on its long-standing presence in the Italian market. The delivery parity Switzerland has been reinstalled. Despite the increased risk of insolvency of Italian market participants, it was possible to conclude a good year without bad debt losses. In addition, green power supplies can be successfully placed to German and British distributors.

In general, the electricity price rose sharply both on the EEX and on the Italian physical market. High price differences characterize the individual markets. These result from the difficulty of planning renewable energy, as in Germany with wind and photovoltaics, and nuclear power plant shutdowns. Due to its flexibility, TERAWATT offers a good portfolio for its long-standing distribution partners in this tension field.


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