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Many years of experience with products and markets have made VA INTERTRADING AG competent in trading agricultural commodities.

VAIT concentrates on the trading of grains (wheat, maize, barley), rice and animal feed such as sunflower- and soyabeanmeal.

Special geographic areas of priority are Near- and Middle East, Eastern Europe, CIS, Latin America, North- and West Africa and the Far East.

The basic agricultural products are bought in the country of origin as close as possible from the producer and then these products are shipped to the country of destination, in most of the cases to the final receiver or final distributor.

In this way VAIT‘s services are including direct transportation through own chartering, financing, and often also storage and warehousing.

VAIT‘s success in trading agricultural commodities is guaranteed through our own affiliates like VAIT Ukraine, VAIT Kuban in Krasnodar /Russia and VAIT s.r.l in Bucharest / Romania or through longtime cooperation with excellent partners in key markets.

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