Who we are

Trade feeds from change in many ways and needs to reinvent itself in the process over and over again. It needs to adapt to both stable and risky markets. In a continuously growing and changing world, we see ourselves as a global provider of trading, trade finance and logistics. We act as a trusted, valued and respected business partner who highly values customer focus. This is our strategy to offer long-term, versatile positions with high levels of independence and development potential in a successful company.

We trade. Worldwide.

The origin of our company lies in the voestalpine and the steel trade industry. This part of our history is still very much alive: the company has a pulse of steel. Over the course of more than 40 years, our range has been extended to include many other goods and services, making the company Austria’s long-running leading commodities trading company. The main means of transport is the ship, complemented by trains and trucks.