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Sensitive goods require specific know-how and the highest level of expertise.


A Portfolio for Every Aspect of Life

The chemicals we are dealing with can be found in products that make our everyday lives easier and nicer. They include liquid gas for powering motor vehicles, raw materials for paints and varnishes, for detergents and cosmetic products or for leather tanning.
By the way: the Department of Industrial Chemicals and Refinery Products with its specific requirements has a special position within VAIT. Unlike other departments, it organizes the transports for the traded goods completely independent from other divisions.

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Barters Make for Good Business

Since its founding in 1978, VA Intertrading has handled about $ 3.5 billion in counter-transactions, making it a leading player in the global market of project finance and distribution with a unique know-how. At the London Metals Exchange we trade in copper and other non-ferrous metals. In southeastern Europe, our main focus is physical electricity trading. Speaking of electricity: With the joint venture with Zaporozhtransformator we are responsible for the exclusive distribution of transformers with a capacity of up to 1250 MVA that you will find in power plants.




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