Our Structure

Our management team is an additional factor for the company’s success. Flat hierarchies allow for very fast decisions: a major advantage in the volatile, international market.

Management Board


Peter Köck


Accounting and Controlling
Mag. Susanne Eidenberger

Trade Finance & Treasury
Christian Schlucker

Legal, Human Resources , IT
Mag. Stefanie Truntschnig

Shipping & Insurance
Dr. Peter Groder



Nils Krage


Agro Commodities
Mag. Lukas Bernhart
Thilo Fiedler

Agricultural Machinery
Joseph Kutzenberger

Industrial Commodities
Andreas Scheuringer

Steel & Raw Materials
Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer

Mag. Gerhard Kürnsteiner

Board of Supervisors & Shareholders

Board of Supervisors

Dr. Hanno BÄSTLEIN, Chairman
Dr. Michael GRAHAMMER, Vice Chairman
Gino GIULIATO, Member
Mag. Florian HAGENAUER, Member
Dr. Wolfram KUONI, Member
Dr. Michael MAGERL, Member
Dr. Karl MISTLBERGER, Member
Karin ERTELT, Works Council
Dr. Susanne PISSENBERGER, Works Council
Alexander BERGER, Works Council
Mag. Anneliese FELLINGER, Works Council



(53,626 %)

  • VAIT Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH 17,659 %
  • MBG Management Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH / 12,500%
  • IBG Intertrading Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH / 12,500%
  • Kairos Industrie Holding GmbH / 10,967%

Calexco S.a.r.l

(46,374 %)