We Trade. In Steel.

With annual sales of several 100,000 tonnes of steel products and raw material, VA Intertrading is one of the world's leading steel traders.

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Pumping Steel

We are rooted in voestalpine. For a long time, trading in steel and steel products was the company's most important part of business. But we still feel the pulse of steel beating in our veins.

VA Intertrading organizes and coordinates purchase, sale and transport of steel products. These include semi-finished products, steel long products, flat products, finished products and raw materials.
The goods are mostly supplied by manufacturers in CIS countries, Eastern Europe, South America and China. Main markets are the Middle East, South-East Asia, USA and Africa. Large warehouses and distribution centers in the USA, Africa, Romania and the United Kingdom distribute the wares directly to our customers.

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„A Ship is not a Taxi”

Steel long products include debars for the construction industry. An important market is the United States, where just under 10% of all debars go through our hands. Flat products include sheet metal, e. g. for the use in the automotive industry.
In addition to sponge iron and coke, the raw materials for steelmaking include scrap, which is re-processed into valuable steel.
The main means of transport for steel is the ship. A small delivery covers around 2,000 tons. Yet, VAIT often books an entire ship for up to 50,000 tons.

Over the years we had to learn that a ship is not a taxi, so surprises are guaranteed throughout our working days.


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Raw / semi-finished products

  • pig iron, coke, bauxite, scrap metal
  • slabs, billets, blooms
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Long products

  • debars, wire rod
  • tubes, profiles
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Flat products

  • hot and cold rolled coils
  • galvanized and color coated coils





Industrial Commodities